Probationary members are third members in training.  These members learn basics of driving and
patient care under the supervision of a senior member.

Drivers are responsible for ensuring a safe trip for patients and crew to the hospital.  They also assist
the crew chief throughout the call.

Medics are required to carry a certification of Emergency Care Attendant or Certified First Responder.  
These individuals can drive or assist a crew chief during a call.

Crew Chiefs are in charge of the crew during a call or duty.   These individuals are required to be a
minimum of EMT basic.  They care for the patient and ensure smooth operations of a emergency call.  

Additional training above the EMT Basic includes EMT Intermediate, EMT Critical Care, and EMT
Paramedic, all of which are offered to our members.
Granville Rescue offers many training opportunities.  These include NYS Classes, CPR/AED, CEVO 4,
Internal CME classes, and company specific training.  The paragraphs below describe the certification
levels of the agency.
CPR/AED Courses are offered periodically at our station.  Details can be seen on the AHA ECC
Connector website.  Contact our building or
WEBMASTER for information on upcoming classes.
Granville Rescue also offers a junior membership program for individuals between the ages or 16 and
18.  These members act as a third member for assistance of the crew chief on emergency calls.  They
are responsible for maintaining satisfactory marks in school and are restricted in their participation in
the squad.  This program has proven to be a great asset to the squad, producing many good full