With the help of the Penrhyn Hose Company, Granville Rescue Squad, Inc. was founded in
1967, as a demand for emergency medical transport emerged across the country.  The
charter members used an early ambulance, housed in a members garage, to transport
trauma victims to the local Granville hospital.  Before too long, call volumes had surpassed
500 per year and demands were evident for emergency medicine in the rural village and
surrounding towns.  Throughout the 1970s call volumes increased to over 1000 per year.   
The ambulances were now housed in a building on Potter Avenue.  By 1984, it was realized
that a new station was needed to house the three ambulances, and in 1985 a new building
was erected at the current site on Potter Avenue.  This building could house 4 ambulances,
and had all the amenities of home including a kitchen, bedroom, and living quarters.  The
4th ambulance bay was eventually turned into a meeting/training room and office to meet the
demands for all the training that was needed to provide adequate care.  Eventually, the fiscal
reality of rural hospitals caught up to Granville, hospitals closed, turning into adult care
facilities.  This stretched the demands for GRS, in that hospitals could now only be found in
Glens Falls, NY, Rutland, VT, Cambridge, NY, and Bennington, VT.  Additionally, the
residents in these adult care facilities now needed frequent transport to these hospitals.   
Throughout the 1990s call volumes increased and volunteers became harder to find.  Late in
the 1990s it was evident that GRS needed monetary assistance.  Insurance billing was an
easy income supplement to the income of the squad.  With the assistance from insurance
billing GRS was able to increase its equipment capabilities.  In 1998 with the delivery of a
new ambulance, GRS increased the fleet to 4 ambulances.  With more volunteers working
daily, GRS was forced to begin a daytime paid staff in 2001 to ensure coverage and fast
response times.  Also this year, GRS built an addition in order to house all 4 ambulances in
the Granville station.  GRS worked throughout the first decade of the Twenty-First Century,
improving equipment, adding a snowmobile, ATV, and trailers, as well as an MCI Trailer.  
The agency increased numbers of ALS Certified individuals, and hosted several state
classes to ensure proper training.  Paid staffing coverage hours increased and included
overnights to supplement volunteer coverage.  In 2010 a 5th ambulance was purchased as
well as a bariatric stretcher.  With this purchase, the necessity of additional storage
presented itself.  After purchasing the adjoining property and house to the east, a three bay
storage building was erected to house an ambulance, the MCI Trailer, and the Off -Road
Equipment.  2012 brought the purchase of our first 4x4 ambulance and talks of station
expansion.  The existing house to our east was removed and ground was broken in 2013 for
a truck bay and storage expansion project.  After completion of this expansion,re-purposing
of the existing truck bays to living quarters, and living quarters to office space was
completed. Throughout the projects countless hours were contributed by our volunteers to
make the facilities project a success.  We try to look to the future of rural EMS and stay ahead
of the curve in new treatments and equipment to provide the best care to our local residents.