See us in action at the following events around our district and outlying areas.

Memorial Day Parade (Granville) - May 29, 2017
Rupert Old Home Days - August 12, 2017
Wells MWA Parade - August 19, 2017
Washington County Fair - August 26, 2017
Vermont State Fair - September 1, 2017
Veterans Day Parade - November 11, 2017
GRS "Can We Find You" Campaign

We would like to remind all to please check
your house numbering.  Put yourself in a
Responder's shoes to see how easy it is to
see your numbering.  Appropriate Sizing,
coloring, and placement can make our jobs
easier.  Check your numbers to make sure
the harsh winter has not destroyed them.

We are currently enjoying our new facilities.  
There are still many upgrades on the
horizon.  At this point, we are all paved
throughout.  Future upgrades include a
standby generator, painting of the older roof,
HVAC installation, and security upgrades.
GRS Ambulance News

2954 is inservice.  We had our 2008 unit
refurbished with a new chassis to a  2016
4x4.  Additionally, paint, lights, suspension,
and electrical were upgraded

2952 is also inservice.  This unit is a 2008
Ford E-450 purchased used from Sugarloaf
Emergency Vehicles in Maine, and previously
served the Town of Casco, Maine.

The ambulance Committee has been
re-established to look into the replacement of
2955.  This unit has served us well, and we
have purchased  a 2007 "donor" unit for its
replacement.  This unit was purchased from
Sugarloaf Emergency Vehicles, previously
serving the town of Freeport, Maine.  We are
re-chassising this box as our 50th
anniversary unit, for delivery in 2017.  The
preliminary departure date is in March, with
the new unit returning during the summer.

We are also in the process of adding to our
fleet a EASV (Emergency Ambulance Service
Vehicle).  This vehicle is a 2012 Honda Pilot
and will be assigned 2941.  It will be a
support vehicle for non-transport activities,
trainings, and other transportation.  Lighting
work continues on this unit.