GRS "Can We Find You" Campaign

We would like to remind all to please check
your house numbering.  Put yourself in a
Responder's shoes to see how easy it is to
see your numbering.  Appropriate Sizing,
coloring, and placement can make our jobs
easier.  Check your numbers to make sure
the harsh winter has not destroyed them.

We are currently enjoying our new facilities.  
There are still many upgrades on the
horizon.  At this point, we are all paved
throughout.  Future upgrades include a
standby generator, painting of the older roof,
HVAC installation, and security upgrades.
GRS Ambulance News

2955 is inservice.  We purshased a well
used 2007 PL Custom from Sugarloaf
Ambulance (Retired Freeport Maine Unit).  At
the appropriate time, we sent this unit to PL
Custom Factory to be Re-Chassis on a new
2017 Ford E-450 V-10. In keeping with
traditions, being that 2017 is our 50th
Anniversary, We kept Freeport's Yellow/Gold
Paint Scheme.

GRS also purchased a new 2952 from
Sugarloaf Emergency Vehicles in Maine.  
This unit previously served the Nottingham
Fire Rescue in New Hampshire.  This unit is
a reserve unit while we continue to use the
current 2952.

GRS purchased an ARGO Avenger 8x8
Amphibious vehicle in 2017.  This unit can
traverse any terrain or water that we can
foresee needing to cross.  It is factory
outfitted as a rescue vehicle and includes
tracks for snow. This vehicle is assigned the
call number 2931.

Photos can be seen on our Pictures Page.

GRS is currently hosting a NYS EMT-Basic
Course.  We have several members enrolled
as new students as well as our current
members receiving continuing education
credits.  We wish all students good luck in
this course.