Granville Rescue is a non-profit agency providing emergency rescue assistance
and transport to definitive care.  The agency is comprised of a majority of
volunteer EMT and driver members who donate their time to assist others in
need.  A paid staff of EMT trained individuals helps man the station to assist
when the volunteers are not available.  Together the volunteers and staff do
their best on every emergency to ensure that each patient receives quality field
care as fast as possible.  

The agency owns and operates 4 advanced life support ambulances and one
basic life support ambulance with the newest and most advanced equipment
necessary to allow the rescuers to efficiently do their job.  This includes cardiac
monitors, respiration assistance equipment, bleeding control equipment,
personal protective equipment for the rescuers, immobilization equipment,
medications, and communication equipment.  GRS also operates a Scene
Support Unit, designed to hold equipment and act as a mobile communication
center for large incidents.  GRS also has purchased a bariatric stretcher for our
larger patients, to ease rescuer and patient strain.  We also have a
rescue sled, and ATV in our arsenal for our not so easy to get to patients.

Our building is a home away from home for daytime staff and nighttime
volunteers to be in comfort as they stand by to answer the calls.  The squad
handles about 1900 emergency calls every year.  These range from general
sickness to severe cardiac emergencies, and from broken bones to major

Our district not only includes the town and village of Granville, but stretches to
Hebron and into the Vermont towns of Rupert, Pawlet, Wells, and Danby.  With a
large coverage area and high call volume, it can take many minutes to get an
ambulance to the far ends of the area.  Therefore we have many members who
equip their vehicles with lifesaving equipment to assist those in need before the
ambulance arrives.  

We are constantly looking for new volunteers to increase our effectiveness in the
community.  We accept both volunteers looking to help the sick and injured on
the front lines and those who want to assist the squad in the many functions we
hold to show our appreciation to our volunteers.  If you are interested in
becoming part of our agency, please contact us for more information and an
Granville Rescue Squad, Inc.
PO Box 153
52 East Potter Avenue
Granville, NY 12832
P. (518) 642-1830
F. (518) 642-3935
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